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What a pile of Cra....p ....
I have just been advised that I will need to change all my direct debit details by 1 nov otherwise all direct debits will be reversed. CU staff today advised this is a result the the "great merger" that you claim will only benifit members.
Sorry this member is disgruntaled that I have to make changes to accomadate your new wizz bang system that cannot tranfers debits from old accts to your new system. Any changes made to your system should not create any hardship, fees, charges to any member.

Im yet to see any changes made to direct debit systems go smoothly and without cost to the client.

Bet you dont have the where withal to publish this along side your aret we great blogs.

@David – Thanks for your feedback, and we understand that this can be an annoying process. A limited number of members are being asked to update their details with direct debit and credit providers, as they're using member or account numbers that became obsolete in 2003, and it seems your account is one of these.

We originally asked members to update their details when they became obsolete, and have been manually processing their credits and debits to the correct accounts since then. With the systems integration that is going on, we need to bring this to your attention again. However members would have been asked to update their details whether the merger took place or not, as it will improve the accuracy and speed of processing transactions.

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