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i hope the ACCC looks into this. it seems unethical and possibly illegal. as a supporter and user of VISA Debit, i appreciate the convenience provided to be by Savings and Loans Credit Union, in giving me acess to the visa debit facilites.

Option 4.
Don't shop there.

I'll keep going to coles like usual then.

Obviously the idea of people using their own money to pay bills is so archaic. Lets impose this backwards restriction and encourage people to sign up for credit cards they cant afford to pay off.

As a S&L member who currently pays $2 a month for the luxury of having a Visa Debit card, which you have actively encouraged me to take out in order to enjoy "low fee" banking under your transaction allowance model, what is now your response to this and how will you compensate me for your weakened transaction fee proposition? Being a Woolies customer (they are my local supermarket) and a shareholder, are you suggesting I now switch grocery stores in order to justify the $24 I pay in fees annually just for having a Saving & Loans Visa Debit card, which seems now useless?

Kind regards


Be absent minded, fill up the trolley, and forget the restriction and apologise for them to restock the goods.

Why should a corporate giant like woolworths have the right to tell us how to spend our money.

They are a den of theives as it is............the great big greedy monster. I shop almost weekly in dick smiths from time to time but no more now.

Wont shop in any of them

That strikes them off my family's shopping list! Jaycar Electronics will definitely get more business from me, along with Coles/Myer, Foodland/Drake, United Petroleum and Liberty Petroleum (just to name a few that are not Woolies owned)...


Coles is slightly cheaper in most cases. But there are also Foodland,IGA/Drake stores etc. I noticed the other day a Foodworks has opened in Morphett Vale - is this a 1st for SA? I haven't been in there yet but have used them in Tasmania. There are other alternative to their other outlets too. We don't have to use Woolworth owned shops people.

@Trevor We're not suggesting that anyone switch supermarkets or stores because of Woolworths' move, as it's a decision that individual consumers need to make. This post was to make sure that people were aware that Woolworths was removing a payment option that many consumers used, which could have a large impact on many shoppers.

Savings & Loans' fee structure has been designed to offer members a wide variety of transaction options, while rewarding those members who have trusted us with a range of products and services. The majority of our members have a number of free transactions each month. If you're a member with an Easy account, Retirement & Pension account or Platinum membership then you have unlimited transactions and won't pay for using the 'Chq' or 'Sav' options using EFTPOS.

We're in the process of designing new accounts and fee structures as a result of the merger. Making sure any changes are fair and benefit members is important to us, so it will be several months before any changes are introduced.

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