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Hi to the CEO, good luck with your 'blog'! I'm very happy with just about all aspects of your website and on line banking, but, and there is a but, as a heavy user of online banking, I'm a great believer in files sorted alpahabetically, and would love to see my payees sorted by alphabet rather than most/least used, can you put me out of my misery.


This is a great initiative Greg, well done to you and your team.
Staying with the theme of 'one thing I'd like to see improved with the on-line banking' though ..... any chance of streamlining the end-of-month statements system (particularly for your business customers)?
1. How about a flag on your home page that indicates when you have sent statements to the printer ready for mailing? That way customers would know when they can reconcile against the same numbers on-line as the hard copy. I've noticed there can be a disconnect between the two in the first week of each month while cheques, Amex etc are reconciled at your end.
2. How about an option of having monthly statements auto-emailed in pdf format? Save a tree or three!
Keep up the excellent standard ... Brenton

Hello Savings & Loans, good to see you guys are blogging and moving with the times. Any chance of blogging with some of your cycling team? I am an avid cyclist myself and follow your team closely.

A number of your services do not charge on going fees which is an excellent benefit of being with a Credit Union over a Bank. With the recent turn of events in our economic climat, do you have plans to introduce fees on services which are currently exempt?
Greg, i am interested on your view or justification on some of the exorbidant fees financial institutions feel they have to charge. I will be extremely dissapointed if this post is moderated due to the nature of my enquiry.

I agree with Brenton regarding having statements emailed in PDF file format instead of through the post. It has to be the most environmentally friendly and cost effective solution. I realise that some customer's would still wish to receive theirs via the more traditional way, but an option would be brilliant for the more technology savvy customer.

Thanks for your response Greg, I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question and publish it. I respect that you take the time to communicate with your members.

I am a member of Savings & Loans and read somewhere that as a member we can take advantage of special offers and discounts. What are these benefits and where can I find out more? Do you have plans on extending these to create an exclusive range to choose from?

Hi Greg,

Great to see Savings & Loans once again embracing technology for the benefit of its members.

As a previous happy employee of S&L (and still a member) in the IT department it was with regret that I had to leave S&L to move to sunny QLD for personal reasons. The fresh, dynamic and positive atmosphere generated within S&L was a pleasure to work in. I have never forgotten S&L, and have noticed with some interest that S&L has slowly moved up the eastern seaboard. Are there any plans to expand into Queensland at all? With 1000 people moving to South-East Queensland from interstate every week (a number of which would be S&L members), it would be a great opportunity to grow in a booming economy.

Keep up the good work.

PS - If there are any jobs available up here I'll put my hand up now! :o)

Congratulations on starting the blog, another great S&L initiative. I often wonder why anyone does business with the banks when the range of services, value for money and good old fasioned customer service obtainable through a good credit union like S&L is far superior to anything any bank has to offer.

Most of the blogs that I frequent have a capacity for users to subscribe to an RSS feed of the blog so that the reader is updated whenever a new entry is added to the blog. Any plans for doing that with the CEO blog?

Thanks for asking about having a range of special offers and discounts for our members. At the moment we have special deals for security software, the State Theatre Company tickets, cycling equipment, internet access and building supplies. We also have access to a special wine club and have a travel centre that has benefits for members.

We’re always looking to expand the special offers we have available to members and you’re welcome to sign up to a mailing list so we can let you know when we find new partners!

If you're looking for the details of our offers, go to the 'Travel & More' section of the website.


Hi Greg

Well done to the cycling team on recent results.I hope Savings & loans continue to support these guys in their quest to get to Europe.It would be great to see the team competing overseas on a regular basis

Hi all!

Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!


Hi There,
Love S&L and always happy with the service I receive. One thing I would like to see is On-line Loan applications. Other banks have them, and they are so easy to complete and send off, rather than downloading the file and having to physically send or bring it in to the branch. Attachments can be scanned and emailed also. In a era where time is short, parking is difficult - it is hard to get into a branch, so just coming in once when everything is approved, for signing documents would be fantastic.
Keep up the good work.

Hi Isabelle agree online applications would certainly help in our busy little worlds.

@Isabelle – Thanks for the question about online loan applications. Giving our members the option of managing as much as they can online is something we see a lot of potential in. We have a major upgrade project underway at present, with online loans origination planned for release prior to Christmas this year.


Hi Greg,
I would just like to say how happy i was with the service i received at your glenelg branch. I went in with a question about my payroll and the consultant helped me with the issue, then set me up for internet banking and showed me how to use it. She was smiling, friendly and more than willing to help me out.
I can't remember her name, but it was friday 17th of August and she was relatively young and blonde.
She was a fantastic ambassador for Savings & Loans!

@Joe - Thanks for the feedback, Joe. I'm always happy to hear how much our members appreciate the service our staff offer.
I managed to track down the staff member, and let her manager know the great impression she left on you.

Hi Greg,

A suggestion for your next car loan ad.

View of mountain peaks - maybe a car in a kirtle!

"Impossible Dream? - not with our car loan".

It will counter that other credit union's "Happy Talk".

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