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I think like many others I was pretty shocked to hear about what happened in Haiti. But it got me thinking.. if both your computer systems are here in Adelaide and especially if I now use "eStatements" how could I prove how much money I had in my accounts if a major quake destroyed my house in Adelaide and your computer centre at the same time? How far away do you send your backups, and how long would it take to get things running again?

@Ron - There are too many variables when it comes to a natural disaster to give you a specific time-frame on moving on to our back-up systems. What I can tell you is that we have a full and comprehensive disaster recovery plan, which includes back-ups held offsite on separate power and telecommunications grids. This means that if there is a natural disaster of some sort, all of your account information is still stored on our servers.
The back-ups include details of every transactions for the last month, as well as all the software we use to manage members' accounts.
We test the back-up system regularly to make sure that if there is some sort of disaster or emergency, our members will be able to access their accounts as quickly as possible. The whole process is also reviewed by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority - the government agency that is responsible for monitoring credit unions, building societies and banks in Australia - to make sure it's up to standard.

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