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I must admit that the merger has come somewhat as a shock as neither me or my fiance (both savings and loans members) failed to recieve any hard copied information in the mail regarding this when it was proposed or near the voting day (maybe this went to our previous address in Adelaide) maybe you could find out and get back to me on that one if you have the time..but that aside I'm happy that we'll now be able to access more products and services which can only be a win win situation for members of both the previous seperate credit unions...its just like marriage "two have now become one"

Fingers crossed that the system intergration process runs smoothly and that we'll be seeing the new credit union take shape soon.


Mitch Hardman

@Mitch. Thanks for your comments. I'm sure you understand that for privacy reasons I can't talk over this blog about any changes to your address, but I can let you know that we first told members about the intention to merge via a letter sent at the end of August, and voting packs were mailed out in late October. If you want to check when your address details were changed, you might want to call our Member Contact Centre. We also had all of the information available on the Savings & Loans website throughout the merger process.

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