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Hi Patrick,

I signed up for electronic statements as soon as the feature was released and am happily receiving my statements electronically.

However, I also received a paper statement for February as did a work colleague. I raised the issue with the Member Contact Centre electronically but have had no response - that was over 3 weeks ago.

Hi Patrick
given that you look after Public Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility suggests to me that you guys are in this only to get good PR and not for the right reason.

@Craig - Sorry for the delayed response - I've been on an energy auditing course for the last couple of days.
I can assure you that corporate social responsibility (CSR) is major part of Savings & Loans' operations because we really believe in doing the right thing, not for any other reason. It's true that we do get some good publicity from our CSR initiatives, but that's because people see the great work that we're doing.
Having our CSR operations sitting inside our Marketing and Development Department means we can make sure that our members are aware of the importance we place on the community and environment.
As an organisation of around 600 staff, our direct environmental footprint is relatively small so engaging our members and the broader community as much as we can is a big part of our sustainbility strategy. On the community involvement side of things, our involvement with charities and other development groups can help to raise their profile and increase awareness, volunteering and donations.
Let me know if you have any other questions.

@Malcolm - Thanks for taking up eStatements so quickly. We've been blown away by the response, with around 8,700 members signing up at last count. I can't say what happened with your question to the Member Contact Centre (and I don't want to ask for any personal information on a forum like this) but I'll see if there are any general or wideranging issues and report back in the next couple of days.
Have you received a statement for March? It may have had something to do with the changeover from paper-based to eStatements.

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