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I'm pretty comfortable online now. I do all the banking (well credit unioning) I possibly can including BPay, transferring money between accounts, checking my balances etc. I also receive some bills electronically (from those retailers and service providers that offer it - I wish more would).

In terms of incentives to get others on board....

How about "green points"? every S&L service you sign up for online gets you a green point then you could exchange those green points for something small (e.g. movie pass or a trees for life sapling or some kind of native tree seeds to plant in their gardens).

Or perhaps signing up for online services could score you extra points on the MemberPlus scale (which in turn gives you reduced fees). That might be incentive enough for some people.

Perhaps you could also have some sort of indicator of how many trees S&L members have saved - you could have it on your internet home page and maybe even in the branches. Something along the lines of those charity indicators you see that show how much money the charity has collected towards its goal. You could have a goal that by 2010 S&L members want to save XX trees (or carbon emissions or however you want to measure it).

That's all I can think of off the top of my head.

Will we be able to sign up for other e-correspondence? For example the letters you send when the interest rates change on my home loan - I'd be happy to receive that electronically.

I'd be happy to receive statements etc online and the fact that I wouldn't be getting the huge amount of paper from S&L in my letterbox I currently get is reason enough for me to sign up.

Obviously, another box ticked toward the MemberPlus category would help people consider it.

What seems to work for energy companies trying to sign up 'green energy' customers is a bonus of some description. I know Origin have had eco-friendly packs with lightbulbs and showerheads and green footy packs. S&L could do something on a smaller scale but that is reason enough for the average member to pick up the phone, visit the branch or go online to organise it. Once someone has made the initial step to sign up for online statements, it would be a rare for them to revert to paper as long as they are satisfied with the service.

You just need a big hook to get people to initiate the process, it doesn't have to be an ongoing incentive.

I'm very happy doing my banking online and I like to cut paper usage down to a minimum as much as I can too.

I really like this new e-statement program that S&L is implementing, saving the environment as well as saving paper clutter in the home = BIG WIN FOR ME

well done :)

Very comfortable moving on-line, though only if there is a great benefit for me. Most of the electronic communication strategies I have seen are about the supplier reducing costs to themselves, and effectively shifting print costs onto the customer who uses less efficient printers.

I prefer a printed statement posted to me every month, that I can put into a binder, annotate, peruse at my leisure, and run ad-hoc queries by flipping pages - much faster than waiting for the next page of transactions to be displayed. The printed statements also contain brief news items, and I am more likely to read them than read a "push email", or a webpage. Off subject, slightly, I also download transactions from here and other financial institutions into MS Money, but it screws up too often to be trusted, so I have to refer to my printed statements to be sure to be sure.

I'm happy with the idea of eStatements, but there is one caveat. What do you do with the eStatement when you receive it, print it out? I must admit that I file my printed statements nice and orderly in the filing cabinet so I can refer to them as needed. If I simply save them on my computer and the hard drive dies or the PC is stolen, what then?
Personally, I'd like to be able to opt for one set of statements only, rather than one for myself and one for my partner, it is a joint account after all and we both live at the same address. I'd also like to be able to opt for BOTH eStatements AND printed statements.

I'm comfortable using online banking and such services, however it means that I have less chance to ask questions. This site is so easy to use, but I wish there was a page I could ask questions and have them answered.
I have unfortunately had one experience, I cannot transfer money over to another account from another instituion because it says that my date of birth is wrong. I wish that being christmas eve I would still be able to fix this. Preferably online.

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