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@Michael - When we talk about sustainable growth, we often mean it in the business sense, and I think that’s what Tony was talking about in his post. Basically, we only grow and develop as an organisation at such a rate that’s good for us and our members.

I talked about Peak Oil back in 2006, and I think it’s something more people are becoming aware of as they notice rising fuel prices. The biggest concern is if we’ve left our run for renewable energy too late.

Today (11/05/08) I received my monthly statement with a brochure advising that the WCH card will be changed to carers card, with details of the programs to be supported on the website. Other than a general statement of the change I can find no detailed information, and the WCH headings and info are still there. Have I missed something or is this case of saying one thing on paper and another on the website?

@John - There seems to have been a problem with the changes to the page that discusses our Visa cards on the website. The page is up as it should be now. Have a look at http://www.savingsloans.com.au/Content.aspx?p=716 to find out more. We'll have some more information on our support of young carers available closer to the program's launch.

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