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I to have found my Mac useless with the new internet banking page. The top toolbar is not displayed at all and lucky I have a PC that I could go to do my account transfer. Please make this site Mac friendly as my Mac is much safer for the internet than the PC, thanks

Factor2 is already obsolete security technology - Russian hackers have countered it by logging the pixels that you click on once entering sites that are deemed as 'Banking' websites.

That is, websites that contain certain banking specific keywords... for instance, a website that has a header like 'Internet Banking', or 'Online Banking' would be flagged as a 'Banking' website and logged accordingly, both through key and pixels.

I believe that many credit unions are in the same boat as S&L - scratching their heads, waiting for their IT contractor (DA?) to work something better out.

But there is no silver bullet.

Also, I would have thought a progressive CU like S&L would have just given directions to Mac users on how to make Factor 2 work... rather than asking them to call through...

Just MHO.

I have a heck of a time, well actually it just doesn't work on my smart phone so hopefully that will get worked out soon! Otherwise I think there have been some good improvements made

@James – You’re right when you say that there is no ‘silver bullet’ for Internet Banking security. Hackers will always work to infiltrate systems and financial institutions all over the world are investing considerable dollars in protecting their members’ and customers’ money. Factor2 Personal Icons aren’t our only tool in protecting fraud – we combine the online verification process with member education and manual checks of accounts. I won’t go into the details for obvious reasons, but a staff member investigates suspect transactions and confirms details with the member.
It’s a delicate balancing act to find the right level of internet security while still making accessing your accounts convenient. As one of the most common causes of Internet Banking fraud is viruses or spyware on personal computers, there’s no substitute for running anti-virus software.
We’re just putting the finishing touches on a complete user guide for the new Internet Banking system, including instructions for Safari. Until we develop a solution to the ‘missing’ toolbar that some members using Macs are reporting, making the Internet Banking window bigger will solve the problem.
Also, sorry for the delay in getting to your comment – I took some time away from the office over the Christmas/New Year period.

It hasn't been very good for me this change. It takes too long to load, I have forgotten the new picture key already and they couldn't reset it for me when I went to the branch.
I guess you are saving money by bringing in these changes - I don't think you are doing it for the members benefits.

@ Anon – Our Member Contact Centre will be able to reset your password over the phone. This is the best option for the majority of our members, as most people use Internet Banking from their work or home computer.
One of the reasons Internet Banking might take a little longer to load is the ‘pop-up’ of recent transactions on the front page of the service. To do this, head to the ‘Maintenance’ tab and select the first tick box.
Not about making money, but increasing benefit and security for members
I can assure you that everything we do is in our members’ interests – this is one of the great things about Savings & Loans (and all credit unions, for that matter). The changes weren’t about making money, but about increasing benefit and security for our members. In fact, most of the changes were in direct response to feedback we received from our members.

May I suggest an improvement to the auto transfer page?

When a Bpay transfer has been set up to make regular (say monthly) payments, it is difficult to delete such payments.
Pressing the view/modify button does bring up a screen designed to ALTER payment arrangements but there does not seem to be any way to DELETE the arangement other than to remove the payee from the Bpay listing.

Subsequent re-entry of the same payee also seems to re-instate the automatic rgular payment.

Could someone please take a look at this.

Re silver bullets. I have long been concerned about using my Visa card for on-line purchases from unknown vendors overseas, eg for purchase of software. I note that Visa, at http://www.visa-asia.com/ap/au/mediacenter/pressrelease
/NR_AU_.shtml have announced the introduction of Visa Virtual Pre-paid, in Australia; something like a virtual gift card with a pre-paid value. This sort of thing would appear to at least limit the amount which could be "stolen" When will this be available from S&L?

@Brian – You’re not the only person who has reservations about using Visa cards online. While nobody can give iron-clad guarantees, the Visa system is quite safe if you take some simple precautions (have a look at savingsloans.com.au/security) and use common sense.
I have seen the ‘virtual Visa card’ and pre-paid Visa cards are certainly something we’re investigating for our members. As yet, we haven’t made any commitments to their introduction, but we’ll keep our members in the loop about what we do in the future.

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