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Having lived and worked in a few cities, I find the public transport basically a waste of energy to use in Adelaide. Unless a direct service runs to and from your destination it is very hard to use, and very slow. But I also don't see a solution, which is a major hurdle for outer urban growth.

We also had a common Friday afternoon outage on trains, and I'm staggered by how off-time the busses can be. Last week a bus drove staight past my partner where it was supposed to stop, and she was hailing it like mad.

One change I like is the tram extension and the free service in the city. Thats good thinking and it makes logical sense to link the rail network to the tram. We need to have more services in off-peak times so that the workers who saty back till after 6pm can actually get home in a reasonable time.

The 15 minute "go zone" is also a great idea for the inner suburbs, and I can see real benefit for folks who live close to the city. The dedicated transit lanes are excellent for public transport users, but must frustrate drivers.

I think the frustration to drivers of dedicated bus lanes part of the point of having them. If buses are getting there quicker, it encourages more people to catch the bus.

Great idea from my point of view!

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