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I throw my spare change in a large container and take it to the credit union when the container is full (usually once a year or so). This time, rather than spending an hour or more counting and bagging the money I threw the whole lot in a strong bag and took it in to Flinders St and used the new coin counting machine yesterday. From pouring the coins into the machine to walking out of the branch took me less than ten minutes. Yet another great service from Savings and Loans. You've come up with an innovative solution that has helped both the tellers AND the customers.

As I sit here listening to a colleague whinge about the fees she has to pay for each BPay she makes through her bank I wonder why EVERYONE doesn't switch to credit unions (yes I DID give you guys a big plug but she thought it would be too much hassle to make the switch).

Can we have an ATM in the near vicinity of the Central Market? - this is a very busy shopping precinct where most of the traders only take cash. Having to use a 'foreign' ATM when 'caught short' really bugs me as I like to support Savings & Loans & other members by keeping charges from other banks down. I've emailed this request before but didnt even get a reply!

Thanks for the compliment, Bernadette. If the comments from people on the blog are any indication, the coin counter is certainly popular!

Making the switch from one financial institution to another doesn’t necessarily need to be a big hassle. Obviously I’m going to give Savings & Loans a plug, but our staff have helped people do it thousands of times. Then again, I am a bit biased!

Hi Mary. We actually have an ATM just near the Central Market in Adelaide, just on Victoria Square. If you want to see where any other of our ATMs are, there's a list in the 'About Us' section of our website.

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